How to Carry a Kayak on a Motor Home

Updated February 21, 2017

Carrying a kayak on a motor home is simple: Strap the kayak to the roof rack. With two straps and a proper tying technique, you can carry your kayak on a motor home securely. While simple, the proper tying technique is critical. If the kayak comes off the roof because it was not tied down securely, it can become a flying projectile, with the potential to hit cars behind the motor home or oncoming cars in the other lane.

Lay the kayak on the motor home's roof rack, hull down. Set the kayak perpendicular to the crossbars. Situate the kayak so that a crossbar is below both the bow and stern's grab loops.

Put the cam of the strap through the grab loop, from right to left -- it does not matter which side you choose as the right and left. Only pull the cam through the grab loop one inch. Rest the cam on the deck of the kayak. Place the cam close to the grab loop to ensure it does not run into the crossbar as you tighten the strap in the cam.

Put your hand on the cam and hold it in place. Put the tail of the strap under the crossbar on the left side of the kayak. Wrap it around the crossbar once. Pull the strap back over the deck of the kayak and slide it through the grab loop.

Put the strap under the crossbar on the right side of the kayak. Do not wrap it around, just place it under the crossbar. Pull the tail of the strap up to the top of the deck; slide it through the cam. Cinch the strap down lightly by pulling the tail completely through the cam.

Strap the stern of the kayak down using the same method. Secure the bow and stern tightly by alternating between the two straps, cinching tighter with each pull. Shake the kayak to test security.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 straps with cams
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