How Can I Upload Pictures Off of a Vivitar Vivicam X018?

The Vivicam X018 by Vivitar is a small digital camera that is big in features. One useful feature of the camera is its ability to upload your photographs to your favourite social networking sites directly from the camera's menu. No computer is necessary. The X018 uses a unique function called ViviLink. There is a ViviLink shortcut button located on the back of the camera for uploading photos to share with all your social network friends.

Access the camera's playback mode. The "Mode" button is located on the back of your camera near the middle of the right-hand side. Press "Mode" twice to access the camera's playback mode.

Select the image you would like to upload. Use the "Up" and "Down" arrows located on the back of the camera to scroll through the images.

Access the ViviLink Menu by pressing the ViviLink button on the back of the camera while still on the selected photo. The button is located on the bottom centre of the round control button.

Select the social network to which you would like to upload your photos. Use the Up/Down arrows located on the back of your camera to highlight your selection. Once the social network of your choice is selected, press the "Set" button. Select as many networks as you wish. A check mark will appear next to the social networks you chose.

Press the "Mode" button to save the changes and exit back to photo playback mode. An icon will appear on the image to confirm it's been uploaded to your social networks.

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