How to Import a File From 3DX Max to Photoshop

Written by nicole hamilton | 13/05/2017
How to Import a File From 3DX Max to Photoshop
Enhance 3D digital art in Photoshop. (Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

3D artists have the ability to edit the texture, lighting and position of 3D models using the Photoshop "Extended" version. Photoshop recognises several files from other programs, including "3DS," which is the 3DX Max file extension. You can open these files in the usual way, or import them using the "3D" menu. If you are not running Photoshop "Extended," you will need to upgrade your program in order to import and edit 3D files.

Launch Adobe Photoshop Extended.

Select "3D" from the Menu bar, then select "New Layer from 3D File."

Open your file and select "3D Studio (3DS)" from the "Files of Type" menu to limit the files displayed.

Click "Open" and Photoshop will load the 3D model.

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