How to Win at a Slot Machine on "Pokemon Gold Version"

Updated July 20, 2017

Pokemon for the Nintendo DS system has grown since starting as a trading card game in Japan. TV shows and video games have now been created to continue the growing addiction of Pokemon. "Pokemon Gold Version" is one of the many instalments of the Pokemon games for DS, which include the Red, Blue, Yellow and Silver versions. Each version features a few different Pokemon and a different storyline. Slot machines area a great way to boost your money fast.

Go to one of the many slot machine locations in the casinos of the game. Play the slot machine by pressing "A" when in front of it.

Place a bet. The number of coins bet will also determine your chances of winning. More coins will allow for more ways of winning.

Stop each rotating column by pressing "A" on the Nintendo DS. Match each column to score three of a kind either diagonally, vertically or horizontally to win.


The individual wheels stop at a set distance after you hit the button, so it is possible to get into a rhythm and stop them where you want. Different symbols have different payoffs.

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