How to Design Your Own Flat Peak Cap

Updated April 17, 2017

Flat peak caps are fashionable throw backs to the 1980s. Buying a flat peak cap will just make you blend into the crowd, so why not design your own? You can buy a basic hat and then decorate it with funky colours and letters. Design characters hats, or movie-inspired flat peaks. Add different materials such as fur and Velcro to your flat peak.

Research flat peak caps on the Internet. Sit in a cafe and "hat-watch" for styles of caps you like. Go to clothing stores to gain inspiration. Take note of any interesting ideas.

Draw an animal print design onto your cap. For example,use a pencil to draw diagonal black jagged lines across a white hat to create a zebra print effect. Colour the lines in with a black fabric marker. Attach fur to the flat peak to attach fur and create a really wild design.

Design characters from your favourite films to be placed on your hat. For example, make a Batman-inspired hat with a leather base and flat peak. Attach leather material to the hat with fabric glue. Sketch yellow slanted eyes onto a piece of yellow cotton, cut them out and stick them onto your flat peak. Using a black marker add oval pupils to complete the Batman-inspired design.

Add retro prints to your flat cap. Take inspiration from the 80s and draw zigzags across your cap. Using fabric paint and glue add black squares. Draw fluorescent wiggly lines across the squares with florescent fabric markers. Colour in your hat in various bold colours and add as much pattern as possible. Keep the design neat but funky.

Write your name in graffiti across your flat cap. Practise sketching some graffiti letters. Keep your letters angular and symmetrical. Copy your image onto your hat using fabric markers, and colour in your letters using bold colours and a blending fade. Outline the letters with a black fabric paint. Add a 3D shadow and draw bubbles surrounding the letters.


Experiment with your designs and add details. Outline each of your drawings and add clear colours.

Things You'll Need

  • Simple flat peak cap
  • Pencil
  • Fabric markers
  • Fabric glue
  • Black fur
  • Leather
  • Yellow cotton
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