How to Add Wrinkles in GIMP

Updated February 21, 2017

Adding a texture is an effective way to make your digital image look three-dimensional. For a crumpled or wrinkled paper appearance, you can use GIMP, a free image-editing program, to add the effect to your image. GIMP offers pre-loaded textures, including a wrinkled paper option, or you can use your own wrinkled or crumpled paper image.

Create a new image using the "New" option in the "File" menu. Set the dimensions to suit the final location of your image.

Click on the Active Pattern swatch, in the group of swatches next to the Color Chooser swatches showing the foreground and background colours. The Pattern Dock should appear on the right, if it was not already open.

Choose one of the patterns that come with GIMP, such as the Crinkled Paper pattern. If you click on the pattern swatch, you'll see the name of the pattern at the top of the Pattern Dock.

Click the Paint Bucket tool in the GIMP Toolbar. Click on the "Pattern Fill" option in the "Fill Type" section of the tool options below the toolbar. Click the round circle next to "Fill Whole Area" under "Affected Area." Then click anywhere in the image to fill the image with the wrinkled paper pattern.

Create a new image of your desired size.

Open a texture file in a separate GIMP window. Select "Copy" from the "Edit" menu. Then switch to the image you created in Step 1 above. Select "Paste as New Layer" from the "Image" menu.

Click the "Mode" drop-down menu. Select "Paste as new image" from the "Edit" menu.

Click the "Mode" drop-down menu in the Layer section and choose "Overlay." Merge the layers and save as an image file.

Things You'll Need

  • An image or texture of wrinkled paper
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