How To Disable a Pointer Stick on a Dell Laptop

Updated March 23, 2017

Dell laptops are generally fairly easy to configure and use. Most Dell laptops are shipped with the standard touchpad and a "track stick," otherwise known as a "pointer stick." The track stick looks like an eraser head in between the "G," "H," and "B" keys on the keyboard. For some users, the pointing stick may interfere with normal keyboard usage. You may disable the pointing stick in the Windows Control Panel.

Click the Windows "Start" button and then click the "Control Panel" option.

Click the "Mouse" option in the Control Panel interface.

Click the "Dell Touchpad" tab. A special Dell configuration utility will launch to apply settings to the touchpad and pointing stick.

Click the icon of the "Touchpad" and click "OK." A window of options will launch.

Click the option labelled "Device Select." Options for enabling and disabling the pointing stick and the touchpad are shown in this section.

Click the radio button next to the "Disable" option in the "Pointing Stick" section.

Click the radio button next to the "Disable" option for "Pointing Stick Buttons" also, if desired.

Click "OK." The pointing stick is disabled on the Dell laptop.


If you do not see the "Dell Touchpad" tab in the "Mouse Properties" in the Control Panel, download the appropriate drivers for your make and model of your computer. You most likely need to download updated touchpad drivers.

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