How enable rdp in kaspersky

Updated February 21, 2017

Kaspersky Internet Security is a firewall solution for the PC. As part of its protection protocol, Kaspersky Internet Security disables incoming Remote Desktop connections. You can disable this protection if you need to allow a Remote Desktop session to your computer by changing the appropriate setting in the application.

Open the Start menu and type Kaspersky in the Search bar. Click "Kaspersky Internet Security" from the list of options.

Open the "Settings" menu from the main page of the application.

Select "Firewall," and then click "Settings."

Expand "Packet Rules" and click "Remote Desktop."

Click "Edit."

Select "Allow" from the drop-down list, and then click "OK."

Select "Networks" at the "Firewall Settings" page.

Right-click "Local" and select "Trusted Network."

Click "OK" twice.

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