How to Get a Quick Thousand Points on Points2Shop

Points2Shop is a free online rewards site that allows users to accumulate points by participating in games, shopping, surveys, special offers and contests. Once a participant has accrued enough points, Points2Shop offers a "Reward Gallery" in which users can spend their points on items of their choice. Points can also be spent on Amazon products that are listed on the Points2Shop website, or they can be exchanged for cash rewards. There are several ways to earn points, but large amounts of points can be earned quicker with certain methods.

Look for the offers that require you to use a credit card. Keep in mind that most of the offers which require a credit card are for trial periods of the product or service that you sign up for and can be cancelled before an allotted time. As long as you cancel your trial prior to the expiration date, you will not be charged anything. Offers that require credit card information yield higher points than free offers.

Sign up for several offers that require a credit card to gain a lot of points quickly.

Remember to cancel your registration with each company prior to the allotted time in order to avoid any credit card charges.

Refer as many people as you can, and in turn you will receive bonus points on three different levels.

Log in to your Point2Shop account.

Click on "Promote."

Click on "Refer."

Read over the different steps and levels before you get started. Be mindful that Points2Shop has three different referral levels which will allow you to earn extra points.

Utilise the Points2Shop banner on your own website or with your signature in forums in order to get others to join. Thousands of points will accumulate rather quickly using the referral system, as you get points each time a referral completes any offer.

Utilise the Points2shop competitions in order to get a lot of points rather quickly. Keep in mind that points are not guaranteed, but your chances of earning points will increase each time you enter.

Log in to your Points2Shop account.

Click on "Compete."

Sign up for the lottery, which will allow you to compete for up to several thousand points, depending upon the jackpot. There are other competitions available; however, the "Sweepstakes" and "Contests" yield cash prizes and gift cards instead of points.

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