How to convert a fireworks png to a vector eps

Updated March 23, 2017

Fireworks Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files are raster images and are widely used for transmitting and displaying images with Adobe Fireworks. Encapsulated Post Script (EPS) files are vector images and are often used to transmit and display images and text; in fact, EPS files are considered by some to be the best way to save and transmit images because of their usability and transferability amongst graphic-editing software.

Find the PNG that you wish to change into an EPS.

Go to an image-conversion website that changes PNGs to EPSs. Three free image-conversion sites are TLHIV, ConvertHub, and Go2Convert (see "References" below).

Upload your image and specify that you wish to convert it from a PNG to an EPS.

Open and save your EPS image.

Things You'll Need

  • Image Convertor
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