How to Boot Someone in IMVU Chat without Being a VIP

Updated July 20, 2017

IMVU is a virtual 3D chat room in which friends, family members and acquaintances can chat using avatars in new worlds. While chatting, you may come in contact with other users who do not follow the rules or annoy you. Sometimes the chatter doesn't leave the room when they are asked, leaving you wondering if you can boot them out yourself. In order to remove an offending person, you'll have to be a VIP member or a moderator for the chat room.

Become a VIP member on IMVU by registering with your credit card information. Once you have become a VIP member you can create a public chat room.

Adjust your account settings on the right hand side of the chat room to add moderators to your new room.

Double click on the IMVU program in your computer's Program Files to bring up the IMVU client. Join the desired chat room from the list of public chat rooms on the left side of the IMVU client.

Click on the offending chatter's avatar. A drop-down list will appear to the right of the avatar.

Click "Safety" in the upper right corner of the drop-down list. Here you will find options to "Block" the user, "Report" the user or "Boot" the user.

Select "Boot." This will keep the user from entering the room for twenty minutes. If the user returns and continues to ignore guidelines, report the user to IMVU. Right click on the offending avatar, then choose "Safety" and "Report." When reporting someone to IMVU it is best to send along the chat file.

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