How to Add Cheats to the M3 DS Real

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The M3 DS Real is a microSD card for the Nintendo DS. Users can add game cheats, movies, music, pictures and other files to the M3 DS Real and load them on their Nintendo DS. The DS Real uses Action Replay-format cheat codes, but the cheat codes that come with it are outdated.

Users can download new Action Replay-format cheat codes using the official Action Replay program, copy the cheat code file to their M3 DS Real and enable them on their Nintendo DS.

Download the Action Replay DS Code Manager software from the Action Replay website (see Resources.)

Double-click the downloaded "USA Code Manager PC" file on your computer.

Click "Extract" on the Windows Explorer toolbar and click the "Extract" button in the window that appears.

Double-click the "USA Code Manager PC Software" folder.

Install the Action Replay DS Code Manager by double-clicking the "Setup.exe" file and following the instructions on your screen.

Click "Start," "All Programs," "Action Replay Code Manager" and "Action Replay Code Manager."

Drag-and-drop the "Codejunkies US Games" item from the "Subscriptions" pane in the Action Replay Code Manager window to the "My Codelists" pane.

Click "Start" and "My Computer" after the cheats finish downloading and the "Progress" window disappears.

Navigate to the "C:\Datel\Action Replay Code Manager\local_codelists" folder.

Right-click the "Codejunkies US Games.xml" file and click "Copy."

Insert the M3 DS Real microSD card into the included T-Flash reader.

Plug the T-Flash reader into your computer's USB slot.

Click "Start," click "My Computer" and double-click the M3 DS Real icon.

Click "Edit" and "Paste."

Remove the T-Flash Reader from your computer's USB slot and the M3 DS Real from the T-Flash Reader.