How to Make an Origami Ancient Dragon

Updated November 21, 2016

Mastering the art of origami allows you to transform ordinary plain paper into lifelike shapes. Making an origami of an ancient dragon can be completed with few simple folds of paper.

Fold the square piece of paper diagonally. Hold the square to look like a rhomb (a parallelogram with four equal sides). The diagonals would divide it into four triangles. Take the upper corner and fold in downward to divide the upper half into two. Unfold. Once again divide the half you obtained in half.

Fold the upper corner downward along the last fold -- you will get a small line. Bring the lower corner upward to touch the middle of this outer line. Fold backward the strips of paper that you see on both sides and then unfold the lower corner.

Take every corner and fold it toward the centre of the square.

Fold the square into four dividing it into half vertically and horizontally.

Fold toward centre the lower corner tip upward toward the centre. Then fold the sides like a plane. Unfold. Pull out the flap and refold bringing all the corners to the centre.

Pull out the flap on the right and squash fold (press down and fold). Unfold to make a square and flip the paper. Then fold the sides like a petal. Pull out flap on the upper left side. Pull out flap on lower left side, then fold the upper corner downward.

Turn the paper around. Repeat the whole folding described in Step 6. Pull out middle flap toward the right and squash fold.

Petal fold the lower corner and pull the upper flap down. Once again petal crease the lower side. Turn the paper's back side upward and pull the bottom flap to the right. Fold toward the inside (back) and turn the model over to repeat the other side. Again turn it over and reverse fold. Turn it again and reverse fold again.

Fold like a valley in the middle. Unfold. Turn 90 degrees to the right and valley fold through the crease you obtained. Repeat at the back.

The paper will look like a locust tail on the left and head on the right. Squash fold the right corner to the left. Squash fold the lower corner upward.

Fold in length the upper flap (rabbit ear fold). Repeat on the other side. Fold the lower protruding edged inward. Pull out the flap in the front toward the right. Squash fold and unfold to get crease. Fold once again diagonally and mark the middle point. Turn it over and repeat the same thing on the other side.

Put in the flap you have pulled for Step 11. Reverse fold along the diagonal creases the flap in front. Turn and repeat at the back.

Crimp the whole paper along the creases naturally (press and fold as it takes the folding along the creases).

Pull outward the tips of the legs in the mid body and fold toward right. Reverse fold the upper corner. Turn over the paper and repeat at the back. At the neck level, turn the corner inside with a valley fold and crimp in the middle along the crease. Reverse fold on the outside and you will have the head of the dragon.

Reverse fold the hind legs into half to make them thin. Mountain fold (fold that looks like an inverted V) the upper mid-back flap. Turn and repeat the process on the back.

Crimp tail creases. Crimp feet. Pull the bottom flap and mountain fold the corners. This will give shape to the body of the dragon. Turn and repeat at the back.

Crimp the body by pressing inward to give the dragon a three-dimensional look. Pull the wings outward on both sides and curl the tips outward. Fold the tips of the feet as well. Press at the end on the tail and turn the tip inside out.


A diagram would be beneficial when you do this the first time.


Crimping is very important to get the shape of the dragon. For crimping to take place well, the creases have to be well made.

Things You'll Need

  • Square piece of paper
  • A diagram (optional)
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