How to Fold Origami Sunflowers

Updated April 17, 2017

Origami has been one of the most well-known art forms in Japan since the 6th century. The term origami comes from the Japanese words "ori" meaning "to fold" and "kami" meaning "paper." Hundreds of origami crafts have gained popularity all over the world. One of these crafts is the basic origami sunflower, a design particularly easy for beginners.

Fold your gold or yellow origami paper lengthwise with the coloured side facing down. Fold it again going the opposite direction. You should have two intersecting creases with four sections.

Fold the four corners of the paper into the centre. The coloured side of the paper should be visible on top, with the corners pointing inward.

Fold the flaps of each corner downward. The blank side of the paper should be visible. Keep the edges of the top folds and the original centre folds parallel to one another.

Flip the paper over. The coloured side should be completely visible. The paper should resemble the petals and centre of a sunflower.

Fold your green sheet of origami paper diagonally with the coloured side facing down. Open the paper again. You should have a diagonal crease through the centre.

Fold both sides of the paper toward the diagonal crease. The shape of your paper should resemble the diamond shape of a traditional kite.

Fold the right side a second time toward the centre crease. Your paper should no longer be symmetrical, with the right side slightly larger than the left.

Fold the right side over a third time toward the centre. The right side should be significantly larger than the left.

Fold the bottom point upward, so that it points out. Flip your paper over so that it resembles the folded stalk of a sunflower.


To attach the stem and flower, use tape or glue between the top point of the stem and the underside of the folded petal.

Things You'll Need

  • 6-by-6-inch sheet of yellow or gold origami paper
  • 6-by-6-inch sheet of green origami paper
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