How to Convert a Compound Bow From Right-handed to Left-handed

Updated February 21, 2017

Designed to have the arrow line up with the shooter's dominant eye, the sight window on a bow is moulded specifically for a right- or left-handed shooter. As the shooter draws the bow, the arrow sets in a recessed window on the bow riser, or handle, on the opposite side of the bow from the shooter's dominate hand. In order to convert a compound bow from a right- to left-handed model, the riser must be replaced.

Obtain a left-handed riser to match the make and model of your bow.

Place the bow in a bow press, according to the bow press manufacturer's directions. Compress the bow limbs until the tension is released for the bowstring.

Pull the ends of the bow string from the teardrop fittings on the bow cables with your fingers. Release the bow from the bow press.

Measure the space between the limbs and the riser, where the hex head bolts attach the limbs, with a feeler gauge. You will need this measurement when installing the new riser to set the bow to the same draw weight.

Remove the bolts that attach the bow limbs to the riser with a hex head wrench.

Place the new left-handed riser against the limbs in the same orientation in which the right-handed riser was installed -- with the exception of the sight window now being on the right side of the bow. Replace the bolts through the holes in the limbs and screw them into the new riser with your fingers.

Tighten the bolts in place with the hex head wrench. Use a crossing figure-eight pattern as you tighten the bolts to help prevent them from working loose from the vibrations caused by the bow being fired.

Hold the bow so the front of the riser is facing you. Tighten the left bolt on the top limb, then the right bolt on the bottom limb, followed by the right bolt on the upper limb and then the left bolt on the lower limb. Continually check the gaps between the limbs and riser with the feeler gauge as you are tightening the bolts. Continue tightening the bolts until you reach the original gap setting between the limbs and the riser.

Reset the bow in the bow press, compress the limbs and reattach the bowstring. Remove the bow from the press.

Things You'll Need

  • Left-handed bow riser
  • Bow press
  • Feeler gauges
  • Hex head wrench
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