Archery Finger Tab Instructions

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The archery finger tab is a simple piece of leather or cloth that protects your fingers from the bow string. The tab creates a thin barrier between your fingers and the string, and it minimises rubbing and backlash.

The finger tab is not necessary for shooting a bow, but it is a tool valued by archers who shoot on a regular basis. The tab also creates an even release point on the bow string and helps to increase overall accuracy.

Place your middle finger through the loop on the finger tab. Tighten the loop around your middle finger with the fabric against the bottom of your first three fingers.

Nock the arrow on the bow string and grasp the bow string in preparation for the shot. Position the forefinger above the arrow and the middle and ring finger below the arrow. Use the slot on the finger tab to position your fingers around the arrow.

Draw the bow string by pushing against the handle while pulling the string to your anchor point. The corner of your mouth or a point on your jaw are common anchor points.

Hold the string at the anchor point until you have aligned the shot. Simultaneously push all three fingers into a straightened position to release the string and fire the arrow.

Follow through on the shot by allowing the bow to fall forward. This minimises the backlash from the string.