How to Go Wireless With an HP C4580 Printer

Updated February 21, 2017

The HP C4580 all-in-one printer is capable of connecting to a computer with either a USB or a wireless connection. Set up the HP C4580 to use the wireless connection while you are installing the printer, using the included installation disc to get it set up properly. You do need to have the printer close enough to a computer to connect with a USB cable, but only for the set-up process.

Insert the HP C4580 installation disc into your computer. Wait a moment for it to spin up. Click "Install."

Click "Install" on the initial set-up screen. Click "Next" past the first screen on the wizard. Check the box labelled "I have reviewed and accept the installation agreements and settings." "Click "Next" to continue to the HP driver installer.

Select "Through the network" out of the list of connection types presented. Press "Next" to continue. Attach the USB cable to your printer and the computer's USB port. Connect the printer to a power outlet.

Click "Next." Choose the network name of your wireless network and enter your password information. Click "Next."

Disconnect the USB cable and click "Finish."

Things You'll Need

  • HP installation disc
  • USB cable
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