How to Teach a Kid to Finger Knit

Updated February 21, 2017

Learning to knit can seem complicated to young children, which can make them feel frustrated. Instead of starting young kids out on knitting needles, first show them how to knit using only their fingers. Finger knitting mimics the functionality of knitting needles, but is less difficult for children to understand. Finger knitting can also prepare a child to knit in the future. You can show your child how to finger knit using only a few supplies that can be purchased at any craft supply store.

Lay the end of a ball of yarn over the back of your hand, and grasp the yarn in between your thumb and index finger.

Wrap the yarn in front of your index finger, then wrap the yarn behind your forefinger. Continue wrapping the yarn in front of your ring finger, then behind your pinky.

Wrap the yarn in front of your pinky, then behind the ring finger, in front of your forefinger, and finally behind your index finger. This creates an individual loop around each finger.

Wrap the yarn around the front of your fingers.

Grasp the individual loop on your index finger, and pull it up over the wrapped yarn and over the top of your index finger. Repeat this process with each finger. This completes one row of finger knitting.

Wrap the yarn back across the front of your fingers, and continue finger knitting in the same manner as before. After 3 to 4 inches, pull the tail of the knitting, which will tighten it into a snakelike form. Knit as much as you prefer.

Pull the individual loop from your index finger onto your forefinger. Grasp the individual loop from your forefinger, and pull it through the loop from your index finger. This casts off one stitch.

Continue until you are only left with the loop on your pinky. Pull the loop off of your pinky, and tie the end of the yarn onto the loop into a knot. Cut off any excess yarn with scissors.

Things You'll Need

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
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