How to See Recent Visitors on Facebook

Written by carolyn luck | 13/05/2017
How to See Recent Visitors on Facebook
Your News Feed will show you who has been interacting with your Facebook account. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Facebook members use the social network to keep up with friends through status updates, photo uploads and comments. With the right privacy settings, your friends can visit your Facebook page and interact with you in a variety of ways. Facebook does not offer an application that can be used to see who is viewing your profile or how often it is being viewed. You can see recent visitors to your Facebook page through your News Feed, providing some sort of interaction has taken place.

Sign in to your Facebook account using your e-mail address or mobile phone number and password.

Click the notifications icon that appears in the upper-left corner of any page to open a drop-down list of any activity that has recently occurred relating to your Facebook account.

Click the "See All Notifications" link that appears at the bottom of the drop-down box to open the "Your Notifications" page. Scroll through the list on the resulting page, which displays recent visitors' event invites, comments and Likes. Facebook notifies you via your Facebook page of all recent activity. Click the "Notification Settings" link to set your notification preferences. To request notification of recent visitors' activity via e-mail or SMS text, tick off the boxes that appear in the list on the resulting page.

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