How to Make a Teardrop in Photoshop

Written by filonia lechat | 13/05/2017

Although somewhat hidden behind icons for commonly used shapes, such as squares and circles, Photoshop's shape selector tool offers a wealth of pre-drawn icons for your artwork requirements. Instead of starting from scratch and possibly drawing incorrect proportions, you can take advantage of Photoshop's collection of shapes, including teardrops, to create exact renderings. You maintain control over where to add the shape, its colour and how large to make it, letting Photoshop do the set-up while you perform the creative work.

Click "File." Select "New." Type "Teardrop" into the "Name" box. Type the dimensions for the teardrop canvas into the "Width" and "Height" boxes, such as "3" and "4," respectively. Click "inches" from the two drop-down menus. Click the "OK" button to open the canvas.

Right-click the icon of a grey star, grey circle, grey rectangle or line from the "Tools" column. Choose "Custom Shape Tool" from the flyout menu.

Click into the "Shape" menu on the toolbar. Scroll to the teardrop icon. If it isn't in the list, click the small triangle in a circle icon in the window. Click "All," then click the "OK" button. Scroll through the shapes again to click the teardrop.

Click into the "Color" box on the toolbar. Choose a colour for the teardrop and click "OK."

Click the canvas. Press and hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to form the teardrop shape. Release the mouse button, and the teardrop appears and fills with colour on the canvas.

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