How to Add the Epic Creature Mod in Spore

Written by stephen lilley | 13/05/2017

The "Epic Creature" mod for the PC video game "Spore" adds new characters and monsters that you can create using the in-game creation system. You can download this mod from the Internet; it comes in a standard .ZIP archived folder. In order to install the mod onto your copy of the game you need to take the files from the .ZIP archive and place them in a very specific location on your hard drive.

Right-click on the .ZIP archive for your "Epic Creature" mod. Click "Extract." A new folder will be created containing the "Epic Creature" mod files. Open this folder. Click the "Minimize" button to keep the folder open but minimise it to your task bar.

Click "Start" and open "Computer."

Click "C." From this window select "Program Files" and "Electronic Arts."

Open the folder labelled "SPORE." Open the sub-folder in this directory labelled "Data."

Click on your "Epic Creature" mod folder on your task bar. This will maximise the window on screen. Drag the files from the "Epic Creature" folder into the "Data" folder. This will add your "Epic Creature" mod into the main "Spore" game.

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