Oase Pondovac 3 Instructions

Updated July 20, 2017

Keeping the floor of a man-made pond clean and free of floor sediment, sludge and plant remains is necessary, and usually difficult to do. After all, removing plant debris, algae and fish waste from the pond always results in noticeably clearer water. The Oase Pondovac 3 works by sucking debris off the bottom of the pond into alternating chambers. One chamber automatically fills while the other chamber empties itself, drastically reducing the time that it takes to clean the pond.

Remove the Pondovac 3 from its box and become familiar with all of its parts. Unlock the container locking system, located on the sides of the machine, and remove the motor housing. Remove any accessory parts shipped in the tank. Remove all packing from the collection container. Replace and lock the motor housing.

Install the wheels by pushing them into the holes provided on the bottom of the machine until they snap in place.

Slip the inlet fitting into the inlet hole in the top of the machine and twist the fitting clockwise to lock it in place.

Slide the suction hose on to the intake fitting. Install the extension tubes on the suction hose. Slide the desired suction nozzle to the end of the extension tube.

Insert the discharge hose into the connector at the bottom of the machine. Tie a sludge collection bag to the end of the discharge hose. Route the discharge hose so that the end of the hose is in a desirable location, such as a drain or flower bed. Discharging the water back into the pond is also allowable with the use of the sludge collection bag.

Plug the Pondovac 3 into a power outlet and turn it on using the on/off rocker switch on top of the machine. Vacuum the bottom of the pond, removing any fish debris, plant waste or algae.

Turn the Pondovac 3 off when the pond is completely clean. Unplug the machine.

Remove all of the suction tubes, hoses and nozzles. Clean the outside of the machine using clean water and a brush or cloth.

Unlock the locking clips and remove the top of the machine. Remove the inlet distributor. Remove the internal chamber. Rinse the inside of the machine, the inlet distributor and the internal chamber with clean water.

Turn the filter retainers clockwise and remove them. Remove the foam filters. Rinse the filters and clean water. Reinstall the filters.

Inspect the O-rings on the inlet distributor for wear. Replace as needed. Reassemble the machine.


When routing the discharge hose, ensure that the hose discharge is below the level of the machine in order to allow it to discharge using gravity. The handle is adjustable for storage between uses by first loosening the hand screws on either side of the handle, sending the handle to the desired position and tightening the hand screws. The Pondovac 3 comes with several different nozzles for different uses. Alternate different nozzles for various tasks. Turn off the Pondovac 3 before switching nozzles. The Pondovac 3 doubles as a wet vac, by inserting the plug in the discharge tube and operating the Pondovac 3 normally.


Do not try to use the Pondovac 3 as a dry vacuum. Its filters will only accommodate fluids.

Things You'll Need

  • Brush
  • Cleaning cloth
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