How to Create an RSS Feed From Your Facebook Group

Facebook groups allow users with similar likes to share comments, ideas and thoughts on a common subject. Facebook groups can be open to the public or private with only a few members. In most cases, members of a Facebook group need to log in to the site to view new posts. However, if you have a website for your group, or one that members visit often, you can create an RSS feed from your Facebook group. An RSS feed lets you display posts from a Facebook group on your site and update them automatically as members post on Facebook.

Log in to Facebook.

Click the "Groups" link underneath your Facebook profile picture. Click the name of the Facebook Group for which you want to create an RSS feed on your site.

Locate the Facebook Group ID number for the group in the URL address for the Group's main page. The ID number for the group follows the "id=" in the URL address. An example Group ID resembles "id=12302154125564." Record the ID number on a piece of paper or copy and paste it into a new text document using Notepad.

Click "Start," then "Computer." Navigate to the HTML file that contains the code for the page on your site where you want to display the RSS feed. Open the HTML file with Notepad or the text or HTML editor of your choice.

Position the mouse cursor at the point in the HTML code where you want the RSS feed to appear on the Web page. Press "Enter" to create a new line break in the code.

Copy and paste the following link in the text or HTML editor:


Change the sample "12302154125564" value to the actual Facebook Group ID from the group's main page.

Click "File," then "Save" on the menu bar of the editor program to save the changes.

Navigate to the admin login page for your Web hosting control panel. Log in to the control panel with your user name and password.

Click "File Manager" or other similarly named link in the control panel for your Web hosting account. The name for the utility varies for some control panel applications. However, the majority of Web hosting providers list the application that allows you to upload files to your server as "File Manager."

Click the "public_html" or "WWW" folder in the File Manager window to open it and display its contents.

Click the "Upload" or "Upload File" link on the menu or tool bar of the File Manager. In the "Upload" or "Browse" window, click the "Browse" button.

Navigate to the HTML file in which you inserted the Facebook RSS link. Highlight the file name, then click the "Upload" or "Save" button. If prompted with a warning message asking if you want to overwrite the existing file, click "Yes."

Wait for the File Manager to upload the edited HTML file to your Web server. Open a new tab or window, then enter the URL address for the new Web page you uploaded to your server. After the page appears in the browser, the RSS feed should display recent posts from the Facebook Group page. If the RSS Feed is not visible in the browser, press "F5" to refresh the page.

Things You'll Need

  • Text or HTML editor program
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