How to Transfer Data From a Nokia 6350 Phone's Memory to a SIM Card

Updated February 21, 2017

You can move your contact data from your Nokia 6350s internal memory onto the phone's SIM card. Moving the contacts to the SIM card makes it easier to transfer the contacts from one phone to another. The 6350 allows you to move all the contacts, or mark individual contacts and move the selected contacts to the card.

Press the "Menu" key to open the main menu on the 6350.

Open "Address Book" and click "Copy Contacts."

Click "From phone to SIM." The phone will tell you how many contacts are in the memory.

Click "Yes" to transfer the contacts, then press the "OK" button.

Press the "Menu" key and open "Address Book."

Click "Names" and select "Options."

Open "Mark" and choose the contacts you want to move to the SIM.

Click "Move marked" to move the selected contacts, or "Copy marked" to create a copy on the SIM but also leave a copy on the phone.


Copy an individual contact by selecting "Copy contact" instead of "Mark."

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