How to Make Cappuccino in a DeLonghi Caffe Capri

Updated April 17, 2017

Cappuccino is synonymous with Italy. It is a favourite drink in that country, consisting of espresso coffee topped with steamed milk and copious amounts of foam. Cinnamon or sugar might be sprinkled on top for added effect. Cappuccino is often expensive when purchased in a coffee shop. The De Longhi Caffee maker creates high-quality cappuccino for a fraction of retail cost.

Fill the carafe to "No. 2" line with water. Remove the boiler cap, and pour in the water. Replace the cap, twisting it firmly.

Place the espresso filter in the filter holder. Spoon coffee into the filter until it reaches the "No. 2" line on the side.

Brush flecks of coffee from around the rim of the espresso holder. This ensures a tight fit.

Insert the holder in to the machine, pressing it upward in the designated slot. Turn the holder counterclockwise until it locks.

Place a cappuccino cup underneath the spouts of the espresso holder. Press the espresso and cappuccino button. Allow the coffee to drip into the cup. This typically requires approximately two minutes.

Pour water in to the carafe up to the "No. 2" line. Pour this water in to the boiler, and place the cap firmly back on.

Pour milk in to the carafe up to the "No. 2" line. Allow it to come to room temperature. Pour the water in to the milk reservoir.

Place the cup containing the espresso underneath the milk reservoir's spout. Turn the knob on the reservoir counterclockwise.

Allow the milk to come out of the spout until there is none left.

Remove the cup and serve right. Sprinkle cinnamon atop the cappuccino's foam.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Medium-grind coffee
  • Spoon
  • Large cappuccino cup
  • Reduced-fat milk
  • Ground cinnamon
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