How to refill a staple gun

Staple guns are tools used to attach staples securely during household projects such as hanging plastic over windows or installing low-voltage wiring. Staple guns use staples that come in strips and fit into a channel inside the gun. Refilling a staple gun is a simple process after you know how to open it to place the staples inside. Replacement staples are available at most home improvement centres and hardware stores.

Hold the staple gun in one hand with the bottom pointing down. Locate the back plate of the push rod on the rear of the stapler. It is a flat plate that has a small bend in the top that fits inside a slot on the stapler body.

Press the back plate into the stapler with your free hand, and push the plate down so that it clears the slot. Slowly release the plate. The spring on the push rod automatically pushes the rod away from the stapler.

Pull the push rod completely out of the stapler. Insert a strip of staple-gun staplers into the staple gun with the points pointing downward. The staples will only go in the gun one way.

Insert the front of the push rod into the rear of the staple gun. The push rod only goes in one way. Push the rod, compressing the rod spring, until the back of the rod engages in the slot on the rear of staple gun.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement staples
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