How to create a ring circle in photoshop

Written by darrin koltow
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Learning how to create ring circles in Photoshop lets you make shapes that represent objects with circular or ringlike surfaces, including doughnuts, tires and gears. It also teaches you how to use Photoshop's selection tools, which are essential for all your Photoshop work. Photoshop offers several ways for creating ring circles, including an approach that uses the elliptical selection tool and an approach using the elliptical shape tool.

Skill level:


    Two Elliptical Selections

  1. 1

    Click the File menu's "New" command, then select the "U.S. paper" option from the Preset drop-down list to create a new drawing canvas.

  2. 2

    Select the "Elliptical Marquee tool," the icon on the Tool Palette shaped like a dashed circle, and then press and hold the "Shift" key. Place your cursor near the upper, left corner of the canvas, click and then drag toward the canvas's lower, right corner to define the ring's outer edge. Release the mouse to complete this edge.

  3. 3

    Select the "Subtraction" option for the Elliptical Marquee Tool by clicking on the third icon from the left in the icon set above the top, left corner of the canvas. This option makes Photoshop subtract the circular selection you'll make next from the first circle.

  4. 4

    Use the instructions from Step 2 to create a circle inside the first one you drew. When you've finished, you'll see one circle within another. Both circles will display "marching ants" around their perimeters, which indicates the ring-shaped selection area.

  5. 5

    Click the "Paint Bucket Tool," which is shaped like a paint bucket, on the Tool Palette. Then click the upper colour swatch at the bottom of the tool palette. Select the colour with which you want to fill the ring, then click "OK" to finalise the colour selection.

  6. 6

    Click anywhere inside the ring selection you completed in Step 4. Photoshop will fill the ring with the colour you chose.

    Ellipse Tool

  1. 1

    Click the File menu's "New" command, then click the "U.S. Paper" option from the Preset drop-down menu. Click "OK" to create the new canvas.

  2. 2

    Click the "Ellipse Tool," which is an icon shaped like an ellipse with a solid line in the Tool Palette. Press and hold "Shift," then click and drag on the canvas to grow the ring's outer circle.

  3. 3

    Right-click the highlighted layer in the "Layers" palette, then click the "Rasterize" command.

  4. 4

    Click the "Elliptical Marquee Tool," the icon shaped like a dashed circle from the Tool Palette, then drag inside the circle you completed in the previous step to define the ring's cutout circle.

  5. 5

    Click "Delete" to create the cutout and finish the ring circle.

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