How to Draw a Standing Cat

Updated April 17, 2017

Cats are lovable household animals. You will usually find them perched on a fence or running around looking for food. Drawing a standing cat doesn't differ much from drawing a sitting cat, the only difference is including two extra legs. Create strong feline legs and slanted almond eyes, these two features will really add character to your cat. Imagine your cat is on the lookout for some tasty feathered prey and arch the curve in your cat's back.

Draw a circle in the middle of your piece of paper for the head of the cat. Draw an oblong shape sticking out to the right to create the body.

Sketch four slim triangles coming out of your oval-shaped body. Make sure the two sets of legs are equally distanced. Draw circles at the end of the triangles to create the paws.

Draw the face of your standing cat. Sketch two pointed triangles on each side of the head for the ears. Draw two slanted triangle-shaped eyes in the centre of the circle. Underneath, draw an upside-down triangle for the nose. From the centre of the triangle draw two u-shapes that create a smiling mouth. Draw little dots above the smile and curved lines sticking out for the whiskers.

Define the cat's body. Draw a dip in the back to create an arch. Draw a slim tail that folds upwards from the back of the cat. Follow the lines around the shapes and draw small lines inside the circular paws. Draw muscle lines reaching up from the legs into the body.

Outline the feline shape with a black marker and erase any pencil lines.

Colour in your cat.

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