How to Turn Off Ads in Hotmail

Written by katrina matterhorn | 13/05/2017

Windows Live Hotmail is a free, Internet-based e-mail service that is a component of the Microsoft Windows live group. It offers free unlimited storage, instant messaging, a calendar and address book. When signed in to Windows Live Hotmail and browsing, information on the sites you visit are stored to help display targeted ads. If you don't want these ads to show up, you can block them by editing your system's host files.

Click "Start" and then "Computer."

Locate this folder "\Windows\System32\drivers\etc." Find "Hosts File." Right-click it and click "Open."

Choose "Notepad" or "Wordpad" as the text editor.

Click "Start." Type "Cmd" in the "Search" text box and press "Enter."

Type the following code:

cd \Windows\System32\drivers\etc

Press "Enter."

Type "edit hosts" within the command prompt and press "Enter."

Locate " localhost." Add these lines so the script looks like the following:

Click "Save." This is a script that ensures the Hotmail ads are unable to reach the server and therefore unable to display.

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