How to Test for Odd or Even Numbers in "MATLAB"

Written by josh infiesto | 13/05/2017

MATLAB is a high-level programming language that does not require managing memory details. MATLAB is used mostly for technical and scientific computing and is an alternative to more traditional languages, such as C or FORTRAN, when the speed of the final code isn't an issue. MATLAB provides ample tools for performing mathematical operations. Determining whether a number is even or odd can be accomplished in a few lines of code.

Open MATLAB by navigating to "Start-> All Programs-> MATLAB."

Enter the following code into the MATLAB window:

if mod(x,2) == 0

%number is even


%number is odd


This code uses the "Modulus" or "Remainder" operator to test if a number is even or odd. If a number is divided by two and the remainder is zero, then the number is even. Otherwise, it is odd.

Click the "Run" button in the editor to run the code.

Things you need

  • MATLAB installation

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