How to troubleshoot boss me-70

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Roland's Boss ME-70 multiple effects guitar pedal features dedicated knobs for each parameter, which makes tone creation easy. Four foot switches and an expression pedal are included. You can select from a variety of effects, such as sustain (distortion) and equalised volume levels. Problems with the Boss ME-70 are usually due to the expression pedal not performing as expected. The expression pedal is at the far right and has the Boss logo on it. These issues can be corrected by following some troubleshooting steps and making some adjustments.

Press the pedal and make a mental note if any of the features don't work. Look for the on/off not functioning, and the volume pedal not fully cutting off the sound. Look for excessive stiffness or lightness.

Readjust the pedal. The pedal has gone out of adjustment if problems are encountered in step 1. Press the top (heel) and bottom (toe) of the expression pedal on the right to switch to manual mode. Hold down "Edit/Exit" and press the "Delay" pedal--the second from the right. The display will show "Pd," then "Up"

Push the bottom of the expression pedal all the way down, release it and press "Write." The display will show "dn."

Push the top of the expression pedal all the way down, release it and press "Write." The sensitivity value will appear in the display. The lower the number, the easier the pedal will respond when pressed. The factory preset is "5."

Adjust the pedal. Press "NS THRES/BANK," then the left and right arrow keys to adjust the stiffness. Press "Write" to save the setting. Repeat the steps if you continue to encounter problems with stiffness or the pedal is not functioning correctly.

Make sure everything is connected properly if you continue to have problems. Unplug everything and turn the volume down on all the equipment before you start connecting equipment. Connect the amplifier to the Boss ME-70 and not the guitar. Connect the guitar to the ME-70, too. Then plug the ME-70 into the power outlet. Finally switch the amplifier's power on. Do this last to prevent surges. Any overloads can be corrected by waiting for the thermal fuses to reset.

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