How to make a heart symbol in photoshop

Updated February 21, 2017

Mastering Photoshop can be trying, but learning how to add simple shapes to your creations can be satisfying. Hearts can be placed on photographs, drawings, advertisements or other artistic creations to add some cuteness or romance to what you are working on. Hearts are perfect for a Valentine's card or a present for a loved one. Creating hearts in Photoshop only takes a few clicks of the mouse, and the hearts can be altered to the size and colour you want them to be.

Navigate to the toolbar. Click on the "Custom Shape" option. It looks like a little blob of paint and is located right above the eyedropper tool. This will bring up a menu of shapes to choose from.

Select the heart shape by clicking on it. Alter the heart's colour by selecting "Color" and choosing the appropriate colour for your heart.

Drag the heart to your project by using the mouse. Use the mouse to customise the shape of the heart by dragging it wider to make it larger, or pulling the mouse in to make the heart appear smaller. Add as many hearts as you like.

Save your project and name it so you won't erase your hard work.

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