How to Get the 25 Product Key for Word 2007

Updated April 17, 2017

Microsoft Office 2007 includes a 25-character product key that you will need to install the program system. The trial product and the full product include this product key, which you will need to unlock all of the Office programs, including Word 2007. This code contains five groups of five alphanumeric characters. The product key is different from the part number displayed on the disc.

Open the case for the Office 2007 disc. The case includes a section that extends from the side.

Extend the inner case that contains the disc.

Look for the yellow or orange sticker on the back of the inner case. The sticker displays the 25-character product key.

Type this product key into the appropriate fields during the Office installation process.


If you downloaded Office online, check for the product key in a confirmation e-mail message. The product key may also be listed in a Microsoft Product Identifier Card for a trial product or in a Certificate of Authenticity for a full product. If your trial product does not display this product key, try the Office 2010 free trial that replaces the Office 2007 trial. Write down the product key code for future reference.

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