How to Connect an Apple iPod Shuffle to the Bose SoundDock

Updated July 20, 2017

While it shares similarities to other types of iPods, the iPod shuffle does have a few differences, including the lack of a display screen, smaller storage capacity and smaller size. Because the iPod shuffle is considerably smaller than other iPod models, it lacks Apple's proprietary dock connector, which is what many docking stations, including the Bose SoundDock, use to play and charge iPods. This missing feature does not, however, mean your iPod shuffle and Bose SoundDock are incompatible.

Insert one end of the auxiliary audio cable into the "Aux In" port on the back of your Bose SoundDock.

Insert the other end of the auxiliary audio cable into the headphone jack on your iPod shuffle.

Press the "Aux" button on your Bose SoundDock's remote control. The "Aux In" indicator light in the lower-left corner of the unit lights up when your Bose SoundDock is in auxiliary mode.

Turn your iPod shuffle on and listen to music just as you would if you were using headphones.

Things You'll Need

  • Auxiliary audio cable for iPod
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