How to Convert Text to Upper Case in Fireworks

Updated April 17, 2017

Capitalised text is meant to stand out in a document or graphic. Text formatted with all capital letters attracts attention so well, that it's considered yelling in e-mails, forum post and other text-based messages. If you've inserted lower-cased text into an Adobe Fireworks and you feel that it doesn't draw enough attention, Fireworks provides you with a solution for converting the case of your text.

Launch Fireworks. Click on the "Open" option on Firework's welcome page to launch an existing project. Alternatively, you can click on the "Firework Document" option to start a new project.

Double-click on the text you'd like to convert. The text box will become visible when you click on the text. Highlight the text inside of the text box.

Click on the "Commands" heading in Firework's toolbar. Highlight the "Text" heading in the "Commands" menu, and then click on the "Case Uppercase" option to convert the selected text to upper case format.


You can select the "Text" tool from the "Vector" menu, if you need to create text. With the "Text" tool selected, drag your mouse across the document to draw a text box. Click inside of the text box, and then begin typing.

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