How to Make a Transparent Background in Paint Shop Pro 8

Updated July 20, 2017

Paint Shop Pro 8 is an advanced image-processing software program with tools that can place a transparent background behind an image. In addition to its own native file type of PSPIMAGE, Paint Shop Pro 8 is compatible other file types that support a transparent background, such as GIF and PNG. You can use Paint Shop Pro to insert a transparent background in an existing image, or create a brand new image with a transparent background.

Open a picture in Paint Shop Pro 8. Click "File" and "Save As." Type a new file name, then select "GIF" or "PNG" as the file type.

Select the "Selection" tool from the toolbar. Select the edges of the subject in your picture. Click "Selections," then click "Invert."

Select the "Fill" tool from the toolbar. Select a colour as the background colour in the "Materials" palette. Make sure the chosen colour doesn't appear in your subject, or portions of the subject will become transparent. Right-click within the selection area in the background of your picture.

Click "Image," then "Palette" and then "Set Palette Transparency." If prompted to reduce your picture to a 256-color image, click "Yes."

Click "Set the transparency value to the current background colour." Ensure that your chosen colour is shown as the background colour. Click "OK." Click "Image," then "Palette" and then "View Palette Transparency" to see the transparent background.

Click "File," and then "New." Choose whether the dimensions of the new image should be in pixels, inches or centimetres, and then set the dimensions in the fields provided. Select the resolution of the new image. Choose whether the picture should have a raster or vector background. Select "16 Million Colors (24 bit)" by "Color depth."

Select the check box beside "Transparent," under "Color." Click "OK" to create the new image.

Open an image you would like to place on the transparent background. Select the image subject using the "Selection" tool. Resize the source image by clicking "Image" and "Resize" if it's significantly larger than the new destination image. Click "Edit" and "Copy" from the Paint Shop Pro menu. Select the new image you just created. Click "Edit," then "Paste" and "Paste as New Selection." You can also draw or paint directly over the transparent background, if you prefer.


If your image has a solid background, you can use the "Magic Wand" tool to select it before you make it transparent.

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