How to Connect Knitted Squares

Updated April 17, 2017

Knitted squares are a major part of projects for afghans and blankets, and patchwork pieces for bags or shawls. Joining individual squares can sometimes present a problem to some knitters. Large seams, difficult techniques or unsightly stitches from sewing the squares together can negatively alter the look of a project. You can use a whipstitch to effectively join stitches. This stitch involves straightforward needle insertions. This method creates even, diagonal lines across the joined part. Though visible, you can use a matching yarn colour to hide these lines. The results are joined pieces that lay flat without raised seams.

Line up your squares in the shape you want the finished project to take. Cut a long length of yarn and thread it through the tapestry needle.

Hold two of the squares together with the right sides facing each other. Insert the needle into the middles of the first two held-together stitches on the edge you want to join. The needle should go through the left side of the right square's first stitch and the right side of the left square's first stitch.

Pull the yarn through, then repeat Step 2 for every following vertical edge stitch.

Use different pieces of yarn to sew your edges horizontally to avoid awkward stitching at the corners of your squares.

Things You'll Need

  • Tapestry needle
  • Yarn
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