How to make a giant toothbrush

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether it's on display in a dental office waiting room, is paired with a Halloween costume, or is a prop in a dental health thematic unit in a classroom, an oversized toothbrush can create a lasting impression. With a few common supplies from home improvement and grocery stores, you can create your own giant toothbrush.

Draw a120 cm (4 foot) long toothbrush handle outline onto a sheet of 50 mm (2 inch) thick foam insulation. Include in the outline the section behind the brush bristles. Draw the section just below the toothbrush head narrower than the rest of the handle.

Using a craft knife, cut the toothbrush outline from the insulation sheet. Cut straight through the sheet to avoid an angled cut. Lightly sand the foam toothbrush handle to even out the cuts and remove any writing on the sheet.

Poke 10 rows of five holes each in the toothbrush head with a metal drill bit. Cut 25 clear drinking straws in half with a pair of scissors to create 50 toothbrush bristles. Squirt a dab of fast-drying craft glue into each hole and insert one piece of drinking straw into each hole.

Reposition each straw in each hole to ensure that it is straight and level. Allow the bristles to dry completely before moving the giant toothbrush.


Foam insulation sheets are commonly available in pink or blue, but the foam may be painted with acrylic craft paint before you poke the bristle holes and insert the straws.

Things You'll Need

  • 50 mm (2 inch) foam insulation sheet
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Low-grit sandpaper
  • Metal drill bit
  • 25 clear drinking straws
  • Fast-drying craft glue
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