How to Remove Contacts From Yahoo Mail

Written by steve gregory | 13/05/2017
How to Remove Contacts From Yahoo Mail
Yahoo! Mail allows you to delete contacts. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

If you have a lot of contacts in your Yahoo! Mail contact list with whom you no longer communicate, you can remove them using the "Delete" function in your Yahoo! Mail account. The contact list feature in Yahoo! Mail is a convenient way to save the contact information of people you come in contact with. However, the list can become long if you save every contact in Yahoo! Mail. You can streamline your list by regularly deleting contacts with invalid contact information or with whom you no longer want to communicate.

Sign in to your Yahoo! e-mail account with your ID and password.

Click the "Contacts" tab at the upper-left corner of the window. All of your contacts are displayed in the window's left column.

Click the check box next to each contact that you want to remove.

Click "Delete" on the right-side of the screen.

Click "Delete" on the pop-up window to confirm you want to delete the contacts. This deletes those contacts from your Yahoo! Mail account.

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