How to play "pictionary man"

Updated July 20, 2017

Pictionary Man is a twist on a classic Pictionary game. Instead of drawing on paper, the players draw details on to a figure of a person and make it look like the clue. In Pictionary Man, players get a person to draw on, a rectangle and circle piece to act as props to use with your character. Pictionary Man is a party game that almost anyone can play and takes very little time to set-up.

Put in the batteries in Pictionary Man. Pictionary Man requires three "AAA" batteries. The battery compartment is on the bottom of the right foot and requires a small Phillips-head screw driver to open the compartment. Align the batteries according to the picture inside the compartment and securely screw the compartment door back on.

Turning on Pictionary Man requires moving the switch from "O" to "I" found on the bottom left foot.

Divide players into two teams. Each member of a team takes turns being the "picturist" or the one who draws on the Pictionary Man with the dry erase marker, while the other players on the same team guess the clue.

Play a turn by having the first team's "picturist" take the Pictionary Man and look at his bottom left foot at the display and press the large button. The Pictionary Man displays a random category and then the clue the picturist draws. Begin drawing and players from the same team shout out their guesses of the clue.

Guess correctly before the buzzer sounds on Pictionary Man to win a team a point for that turn. If the team fails to guess the right answer, the team receives no points. The scorecard that is provided helps players keep track of the score for team one and team two. When a team is finished with a turn, play is passed to the other team.

Play to the seventh round, which starts a challenge round. Pictionary Man starts a special bonus round game providing two points to the team that can answer the most questions in a category. Team's bid how many answers they can get in a given time. Pressing the small button places a bid for the team Pictionary Man has chosen.

Win Pictionary Man when a team has 15 or more points. The rules of how close an answer has to be determined before the game starts and put any other rules in to place before the start of a game.


Play can be paused by leaving Pictionary Man inactive for five minutes and the game can be resumed by pressing the large button once.


Be careful when using markers that were not supplied with the game since they may not erase.

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