How to Make a Carrot on a Keyboard

Updated February 21, 2017

Create your own emoticon, such as a carrot, if you cannot find a suitable symbol amongst lists of popular symbols. You can use any combination of the characters on your keyboard to make the carrot and you can make it point in any direction you choose. It is important to make the carrot recognisable to other people when you use it so that you don't confuse them.

Open your word processing program and create a blank document. Examine the keys on the keyboard and pick characters that you could use to create a carrot. For instance, pick characters for the leaves, the curved end of the carrot and the body.

Type the characters in various combinations until you find one you like. For instance, you can use the ">" sign and the left parenthesis to create this type of carrot: >(>>> or use the right curly bracket "}", the equals sign "=", the left parenthesis and the ">" sign to create this carrot: }}=(>>>.

Use the reverse of the characters -- where it is possible -- if you want the carrot to point to the opposite direction. For instance, use the "<" sign and the right parenthesis for this carrot: <<<)< and the "<" sign, left parenthesis, equals sign and left curly bracket for this carrot: <<<)={{.

Share your new carrot emoticon with other people. The test of its success is whether they know what it is without you having to explain it. If they cannot tell that the emoticon is a carrot, then try a different combination of characters until you find one that works.

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