How to Do an Angry Face on Facebook Chat

Written by lara webster | 13/05/2017
How to Do an Angry Face on Facebook Chat
You can chat with more than one member at the same time. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Facebook chat provides a platform for instant, easy communication. When you want to be more expressive than written messages allow, use emoticons to let your message recipient see how you're feeling. Among the emoticons available for creation are a smiling, crying and angry face. Create an angry face using keys present on any standard computer keyboard, and Facebook will translate that into a bright face with an angry expression.

Start a chat conversation by clicking on the grey "Chat" icon in the bottom right corner of any Facebook screen. Click once on the name of a friend with a green circle to the left of her name, which indicates she is online and available for chat.

Create the symbol for an angry face using your keyboard. Enter a greater than symbol ">" followed by a colon ":" and finally a closing parenthesis "(". The symbol appears as: ">:(".

Press the "Enter" key to send the angry face as a message. You may also enter text either before or after the face. When you transmit the message, Facebook translates the symbol you typed into a yellow emoticon with a frown and furrowed eyes.

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