How to Create a Self-Extracting PowerPoint Application

Updated February 21, 2017

PowerPoint is a great choice for the on-the-go presenter, since you can view PowerPoint presentation files on any computer that has Microsoft Office installed. Occasionally you may need to give a PowerPoint presentation on a non-Office computer; in this case you'll need to create a single file that contains all files necessary to execute the presentation. You can create a self-extracting EXE file that contains everything you need to run a PowerPoint presentation using the Windows IExpress utility.

Run Microsoft PowerPoint and open the presentation that you'd like to save as a self-sufficient executable file.

Click the "File" tab, then click "Save & Send" and "Package Presentation for CD."

Click "Package for CD" in the right window pane.

Click "Copy to Folder," then type in the location where you'd like to save your presentation and type in a name for the presentation.

Click the "OK" button. Your PowerPoint presentation and all associated files will be saved to the specified folder.

Exit the PowerPoint application.

Hold the Windows logo key and press R to open a run command box. Type "iexpress" in the box and press Enter to open the Windows IExpress self-extraction wizard.

Click the "Next" button twice, then type a title for your presentation package and click "Next" three more times until you reach the "Packaged files" screen.

Click the "Add" button and browse to the folder that contains your PowerPoint presentation. Add all files in the folder and click "Next" to continue.

Type the following in the "Install Program" field: pptview.exe (presentation.ppt)

Substitute the name of your PowerPoint presentation file in place of (presentation.ppt).

Click the "Next" button three times until you reach the "Save As" screen. Browse to the folder to which you'd like to save your self-extracting presentation and type in a filename for the EXE file. Check both boxes under the "Options" heading.

Click the "Next" button four times and click "Finish" to create your file in the specified location. The EXE file contains all PowerPoint files, the PowerPoint viewer, and the instructions for extracting and starting the presentation automatically.

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