How to Reset an LG Headset HBM-310 Bluetooth

Updated April 17, 2017

The LG HBM-310 Bluetooth headset is part of the LG HBM series of Bluetooth devices. Like the other models in the series, the HBM-310 is designed with echo-noise cancellation and multi-point technology. When you replace the battery in the HBM-310 device, it will need to be reset into pairing mode in order to connect with your mobile device again. The process of resetting or reactivating pairing mode with an LG HBM-310 Bluetooth headset is fairly straightforward.

Press the "PWR/END" button on the HBM-310 for two seconds to turn it on.

Press the "PWR/END" again for five seconds. You will hear two short beeps and the indicator light will flicker red and blue to indicate that it is in Pairing Mode.

Navigate through the main menu of your mobile device to the Bluetooth Settings; then press the "Searchable Bluetooth Devices" (or equivalent) option to open the list of available Bluetooth-enabled devices. Select the HBM-310 from the list and press "Enter" (or equivalent) to reconnect the mobile phone to the HBM-310 headset.

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