How to Become a MAC Make-Up Consultant

Written by erica dallas | 13/05/2017
How to Become a MAC Make-Up Consultant
Practice on different types of faces to build your make-up portfolio. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

The make-up industry is very competitive, with lots of hopefuls eager to become the next MAC Cosmetics consultant. Breaking into the field requires a thorough knowledge of the brand, experience, patience and other admirable traits. Those who are interested in becoming a make-up artist with their favourite cosmetic brand should take strategic steps toward their goal. Building a name for yourself will take time, but learn to mould your craft and be a sought after make-up artist.

Be passionate about the craft of make-up. Recognise that beauty is all around and take inspiration from the many ads in magazines and on television. Learn about the lives of noted make-up artists and their journey into the field.

Build your make-up kit. Get a head start on becoming the next MAC make-up consultant by buying their products and using them on your clients. This will impress the managers and show them this is a serious aspiration.

Build a portfolio. Practice your make-up consulting on friends, family and anyone who is interested in having cosmetics enhance their look. With their permission, take photos of your top make-up looks. Enclose the photos in a professional binder. Always have the portfolio on hand to show off your skills. Offer to do weddings, photo shoots and other events. This keeps your skills fresh and your name out there. Photographers are always looking for make-up artists so partner with them to keep you busy.

Introduce yourself to a cosmetic manager. Once you have the proper experience and portfolio, be persistent in applying to be a make-up consultant. Dress in professional attire and create a flawless make-up look. First impressions are very important. Present the manager with letters of recommendation as proof of your skills as an artist.

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