How to Bring Foobar Into the System Tray

Written by elvis michael | 13/05/2017

Foobar2000, also known as Foobar, is a free multimedia player for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It provides a variety of features, including multiple audio and video format support, a customisable user interface and disc copying options. When users minimise Foobar2000, it is typically shown on the Windows taskbar. To help save valuable taskbar space, you can set the application to hide in the system tray instead.

Launch Foobar2000. Click the "File" menu and select "Preferences."

Double-click to expand the "Display" tab to the left and then select the "Default User Interface" field.

Place a check mark on the "Minimize to Notification Area" check box by clicking on the box. Optionally, tick the "Always Show Notification Area Icon" box to display the Foobar2000 icon at all times.

Click "OK" to save all changes and exit the Preferences menu.

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