How to align CD player lens

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When the lens of a CD player is out of line, the CD will often skip or not play at all depending on the degree of misalignment. In the case of an improperly positioned lens, it is necessary to open the CD player and manual position the lens. While this can be done easily for some CD players, it may be more difficult to perform on other models. The process can be time consuming because of the amount of trial and error involved. Regardless, the lens can be corrected with patience and the proper tools.

Open the CD player. In order to access the competent of the CD player to align the lens, you will need to first open the CD player. The ease of this step will vary greatly depending on your CD player. Use the appropriately sized screwdriver to remove screws that hold the CD player casing. Keep screws organised to help remember the order of removal.

Locate the potentiometer. This the mechanism which will allow you to align the lens. It can be identified as a small plastic square with a slot on the top that allows for turning. It is usually located nearby the circuit board.

Mark the current position of the potentiometer. Use a marker to indicate the current positioning of the potentiometer. This is useful in the event that the unit needs to be returned to its original placement.

Adjust the potentiometer. Using a Flathead screwdriver, turn the potentiometer roughly 30 degrees clockwise. Test the CD player after the adjustment. If the CD plays without skips or other problems, then you can replace the screws and close the CD player. If the CD still does not play, continue to make small 30 degree adjustments until it does.

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