How to Convert a WDB to a PDF

Written by alizarin black | 13/05/2017

Adobe Acrobat is the program that creates PDF files. The PDF contains information such as text, forms, pictures and other data. In addition, you can print out PDF files. Microsoft Works is the program that creates the WDB, which is a database file. The WDB is similar to the Microsoft Access Database file (MDB); however, it has more restrictions -- for example, you cannot open the WDB in Access. You can convert a WDB to PDF with an online PDF converter.

Go to CometDocs.

Click the green "Browse" button to add a WDB file.

Click "PDF create" under "Browse" to select PDF as the output format.

Enter your e-mail in the field next to the green "Send" button.

Click "Send" to convert a WDB to a PDF.

Download, install, and open AVS document Converter.

Load your WDB file by clicking the "Add Files" button on AVS Document Converter.

Select "to PDF" in the "Format" list.

Click "Browse" next to "Output Directory" to save the PDF on your PC.

Click "Convert Now!" to convert WDB to PDF.

Download, install, and open Doxillion Document Converter.

Click the "Add Files" button on Doxillion toolbar to add the WDB.

Click "Browse" to save the PDF file.

Select "PDF" as the output file format in the "Output Format" list.

Click "Convert" to convert WDB to PDF.

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