How do I Re-Install Smart Draw?

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SmartDraw is a computer program used to create business and technical drawings such as flow charts, organisation charts and diagrams for building layouts using predefined shapes and lines. If you encounter a problem with SmartDraw, you might try reinstalling the software. Additionally, you may need to reinstall SmartDraw if you purchase a computer and need to download another copy of the software to install on the new machine.

Insert the SmartDraw installation disc into your computer and wait a moment for the software license agreement to appear---skip to Step 3. If you purchased SmartDraw as a digital download and need to download the software again, navigate to the download page at Click the green "Free Download" button and save the resulting file to the desktop.

Double-click the file "smartdraw_11E_J9NVQ_setup.exe" when the download is complete. Note that different versions of SmartDraw may have slight file name variations. Click "Next" when the SmartDraw installation wizard appears.

Read the terms of the SmartDraw license agreement. To continue installation, click the "I accept" button.

Click the "Browse" button if you have a specific destination folder in mind for SmartDraw other than the default folder of "C:\Program Files\SmartDraw VP." To use the default destination folder, click "Next." The computer begins downloading all of the remaining files needed for SmartDraw to operate. Allow a few moments for the process to complete. After all files are installed, SmartDraw launches automatically.

Click the "Click Here to Continue" button, and then click "I Accept" to go to the main SmartDraw window.

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