How to Rotate a Table by 90 Degrees in OpenOffice Writer

Updated April 17, 2017

Tables help to organise data within documents. They can be effective compliments to the text in your documents, but can also stand alone. Sometimes, cells in a table may take up too much space with a vertical orientation. Columns may be disproportionately large when compared to the rows, or the table's rows may be overcrowded with comments. If you use OpenOffice's Writer application to construct your text documents and tables, you can use the program's "Rotate" ability to flip your table 90 degrees to make the table conform with the rest of your document.

Load your OpenOffice Writer document.

Highlight all of the text in your table's cells by holding down the left mouse button and then dragging your cursor across the table.

Click on Writer's "Format" heading. Select the "Character" option from the "Format" menu. Click on the "Position" tab in the "Character" menu.

Check the "90 degrees" box, under the "Position" tab's "Rotation/Scaling" heading. Your table will rotate 90 degrees counter clockwise. Click "OK" to apply your changes and return to your document.


You can select the "270 degrees" option under the "Character" menu's "Position" tab to rotate the table 90 degrees clockwise.

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